Hot Stone Therapy Cairns

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Kevin English completed a Post Graduate course in Fijian Hot Stone Massage (Vatu Kata Masi )in 2007. In the last 6 years Hot Stone Therapy has been popularised in Day Spas worldwide. And when I researched where I wanted to learn, to my surprise I found that it was NOT first discovered by someone in the Arizona desert or by any modern day massage therapist. In the Pacific Islands, Healers have used heated stones, hot water bottles- of pottery, and hot compresses for centuries. Heated volcanic / river stones were used on patients with high fever, colds, flu or muscular disorders. The heat penetrates into the body creating sweat to draw out the fever. As the stones cooled they were replaced. The hot stones relax the muscles and draw out muscle pain and discomfort.

Thermotherapy is the treatment of disease by therapeutic application of heat. The application of heat acts as a vasodilator, increasing circulation, increasing metabolism, increasing the inflammatory response, decreasing pain, decreasing muscle spasm, softening the tissues and raising body temperature.

Cyrotherapy is the therapeutic use of cold to reduce discomfort, limit progression of tissue edema or break a cycle of muscle spasm. Cyrotherapy is a form of counter-irritation. Irritation or mild inflammation 9 redness, vesication or pustulation) of the skin excited for the purpose of relieving symptoms of an inflammation of the deeper structures. The application of cold acts as a vasoconstrictor. The immediate short term effect of cold is stimulating. Applying cold stones can increase or decrease circulation depending on the specific temperature.

Contrasting heat and cold causes the blood vessels to alternate between dilation and constriction. The overall effect is a dramatic increase in circulation. For muscular problems or inflammation, chilled stones may be placed on pulse points after heat treatment for revitalising, rejuvenating, and releasing negative energy..

KATAMASI therapy is used to soothe sore and stiff muscles, and creates a profound healing reaction, which enables the body to enter a deep state of relaxation. It is more than just a massage; this treatment often promotes and accelerates emotional healing, as the whole body is able to finally "let go ". This allows people to reconnect to their inner strength. As I studied Kata Masi from a traditional Pacific Island source , which generations before her had received from Hawaii, I also use volcanic basalt stones from Hawaii, which helps provide the beautiful energy and wonderful MANA ( healing power ) of the Pacific Islands.

Utilising the power of crystals, brushed with unique essential oil combinations ,a unique facial which helps draw out impurities and toxins that sit on the subcutaneous layers of skin on the face. And the heated stones are also utilised with a polishing of the chakras. As this therapy is so intense, in preparation and execution, only 90 minute treatments are offered.

Treatment is Contra-Indicated for patients with; Pregnancy, Diabetes, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Infectious Disease, Undergoing Cancer treatment, High Blood Pressure.